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This weekend is the Portland Seafood and Wine Festival.


It’s a great opportunity to support a wonderful cause. 50 cents from each admission goes to support the Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society: The full lineup of wineries, food vendors, and other vendors is here: Some wineries from the heart of the valley will be there.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, as we are tentatively planning on brewing this weekend. A friend of my husband’s is from Brazil, where they don’t necessarily brew a lot of beer, and this friend wants to return to his country with some homebrew knowledge. We’re considering brewing a beer in honor of the San Francisco 49ers with the hope that they win the Super Bowl on Sunday.


Some upcoming Mid-Valley (Corvallis) events:

Brew U with Laurence at Sky High, Ales vs. Lagers, Feb. 6th., 5pm

New Belgium promo at Suds and Suds, Feb. 7th, 6-9pm.

Scotch Tasting at Tender in Snugbar, $60 to taste approximately 15 Scotches, Feb. 11th


Author: Corvallis Foodie

I am a young professional in Corvallis, Oregon who enjoys socializing, tasting beer and wine, brewing beer, canning, eating, and cooking.

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