Beer, Wine, and Food in Corvallis

Looking at the local scene

Looking at Corvallis and the Mid-Valley

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This blog has been stewing around in my mind for a long, long time. I get out a lot–I’m young, I like to socialize, and I really enjoy beer. After a few promo nights at Suds and Suds, I started to realize that I should be writing about the local beer scene. Since I also really enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good meal, I decided I should include those things as well.

So, if you live in the Mid-Valley, love beer, wine, and food, this is a place for you. I am definitely looking to interact with others via this medium–Corvallis has such a neat community. My goal is to put some of my contacts to work, interview people about the beer, wine, and food they make and serve, and write about my experiences. You can expect reviews of local producers, local restaurants, new beers in the community, and beer-related events. Occasionally, you may see a post or two about homebrewing, something I enjoy doing with my husband when I have the time.

Thanks, and see you around!


Author: Corvallis Foodie

I am a young professional in Corvallis, Oregon who enjoys socializing, tasting beer and wine, brewing beer, canning, eating, and cooking.

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