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Looking at the local scene

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Beyond the Mid-Valley

This weekend is the Portland Seafood and Wine Festival.


It’s a great opportunity to support a wonderful cause. 50 cents from each admission goes to support the Oregon Chapter of the National MS Society: The full lineup of wineries, food vendors, and other vendors is here: Some wineries from the heart of the valley will be there.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, as we are tentatively planning on brewing this weekend. A friend of my husband’s is from Brazil, where they don’t necessarily brew a lot of beer, and this friend wants to return to his country with some homebrew knowledge. We’re considering brewing a beer in honor of the San Francisco 49ers with the hope that they win the Super Bowl on Sunday.


Some upcoming Mid-Valley (Corvallis) events:

Brew U with Laurence at Sky High, Ales vs. Lagers, Feb. 6th., 5pm

New Belgium promo at Suds and Suds, Feb. 7th, 6-9pm.

Scotch Tasting at Tender in Snugbar, $60 to taste approximately 15 Scotches, Feb. 11th


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Catching up

Taking a break from things often derails them. This is especially true with this blog.

So here are some events tonight and this weekend to look forward to related to Mid-Valley beer, wine, or food:

There are a couple more days left in Culinary Week:

Panache Cellars is winetasting at Corvallis Brewing Supply from 4:30-7pm tonight, Thursday the 24th. Jim Day, the Director of Non-Compliance for Panache, will be there sampling his new 2010 pinot noir alongside his current ’09 sangiovese and ’09 pinot noir. B

Suds and Suds is hosting a promo night for Silver Moon Brewing from Bend from 6-9 tonight, Thursday the 24th.

Two Towns Ciderhouse is introducing Growler Thursdays this week: 10% off of a growler fill.

Winestyles is tasting old world wines v. new world wines from 5:30-7:30 tonight, Thursday the 24th. Winestyles does a themed tasting every week.

This weekend, the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem will host First Taste of Oregon, Friday and Saturday:

Upcoming events to look forward to

Flat Tail Tasting and $1 Tacos on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at the Corvallis Sports Park. The Sports Park is adding more promo nights, so I will keep this space posted.

KLCC Brewfest Feb. 8-9th:

Weekly events:

Wine tasting at the Co-Op: Thursdays at the North Store, Fridays at the South Store

Wine tasting at Winestyles every Thursday

Wine tasting at Wineopolis every Saturday


Watch this space for more events soon!

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Refillable bottles post on Beervana

Check out this article on Double Mountain’s refillable bottles over at Beervana:

Personally, I’d love to see brewers return to refillable/returnable bottles. I think it’s a great way to keep glass out of the waste stream. I’ve never really known a world where they were used; as far as I know, they had gone out by the time I was born. I’m glad to see the folks over at Double Mountain leading the way.

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Labor Day Weekend Approaches

There are a handful of big weekends for wine around the state of Oregon, and one of them is coming up this weekend: Labor Day. There are a number of events taking place around the Mid-Valley. First and foremost, the Bounty of Benton County will be happening: The Bounty is a fundraiser for Strengthening Rural Families, an organization that works very hard to support families that live in the sparsely populated parts of our county: The money raised goes to support a variety of programs that SRF puts on in communities such as Monroe, Alsea, and Philomath. 

Many wineries in and around the county are taking part: Airlie, Nuthatch, Benton-Lane, Harris Bridge, Tyee, Spindrift, Emerson, Lumos, and Sweet Earth. Beyond wine, Two Towns Cider House, Hard Times Distillery, and 4 Spirits Distillery will be joining in. A full list of participants can be found on the Bounty website, along with addresses to help you find them.

It should be a great weekend for a great cause. Tickets are $20 at any of the Bounty sites, at the Visit Corvallis office, or the Benton County Historical Museum.Image




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Are you excited? I’m excited.

Beer Week is coming, and soon! I have my ticket to BARREL, an event that is supposed to feature barrel-aged beers and give attendees a chance to meet brewmasters. Alas, I missed out on tickets to the Beer Brunch, but we are planning to attend the Sensory class again this year. It was a great time last year, and if you’re into beer and haven’t done it, I highly recommend it. It opens up a whole new way to talk about and think about beer.

Can’t wait!

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Looking at Corvallis and the Mid-Valley

This blog has been stewing around in my mind for a long, long time. I get out a lot–I’m young, I like to socialize, and I really enjoy beer. After a few promo nights at Suds and Suds, I started to realize that I should be writing about the local beer scene. Since I also really enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good meal, I decided I should include those things as well.

So, if you live in the Mid-Valley, love beer, wine, and food, this is a place for you. I am definitely looking to interact with others via this medium–Corvallis has such a neat community. My goal is to put some of my contacts to work, interview people about the beer, wine, and food they make and serve, and write about my experiences. You can expect reviews of local producers, local restaurants, new beers in the community, and beer-related events. Occasionally, you may see a post or two about homebrewing, something I enjoy doing with my husband when I have the time.

Thanks, and see you around!